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Free Slots Online

  • There are many websites that let you play free slots online without making any type of purchase, or needing to download software. At, for example, you are provided with virtual money to play slots without any type of associated fees. You simply play with the coins that they provide at the beginning of your session. There are many machines to choose from and you are able to play them as long as you want. No installation is required. Additionally, there is a monthly sweepstakes that you can enter if you choose.

Many sites, similar to, allow winnings to transfer from machine to machine as you continue to play. Your coins are then used to enter the site’s weekly sweepstakes. With other sites, similar to Slot Mama Free Slots, credits are reset each time you switch machines.

Most free slots online are programmed with Flash, so it is not necessary to download any software to play. Because winnings are awarded in “virtual currency” rather than actual money, free slots sites offer a larger than normal pay out percentage.

  • Gameplay

When entering a free slots site, its appearance is similar to that of a virtual casino. Like a casino, you will initially see a variety of slot machines that look very similar to actual slot machines designed in a variety of styles. These online slot machines are full of bonuses, special effects and animations. Each site also enhances the online slot experience with a variety of sound effects that accompany gameplay on each machine. The combination of higher payouts and animated gameplay considerably enhance the free slots gaming experience, encouraging players to stay longer.

After pulling the lever, images will simulate the spinning action experienced on a live machine. When the spinning stops, the images will align with the payout line. Three winning images will trigger some type of bonus. Once the bonus is triggered, a bonus window opens. Gameplay continues in the bonus screen until the turn has ended.

Each machine has a distinct bonus screen with its own bonus gameplay. Once the bonus has played out, gameplay returns to the basic screen and any winnings are added to your coin total. Remember these virtual coins have no real value.

The payout sheet on the bottom of the screen explains what winnings you have qualified for once the spinning stops. Since each machine and site are a bit different, check the bottom of the screen to determine how you arrived at your winning totals

After you have completed gameplay, add your credits to the site’s weekly drawing if it is one of the free slots sites that sponsors a weekly jackpot. Exit the site by closing out the window.