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Polymer Clay Bead

140 Polymer clay technic ideas in 2021 | polymer clay, clay, polymerPress conditioned polymer clay into to top channell between the pin paths.

Using a clay blade, shave excess clay from the chamber of the roller. Cut nearly parallell with the roller top, leaving the surface of the clay flat and smooth. It is safer to hold the roller as illustrated and cut downwards away from yourself.

Press a measuring guide or ruler with raised 1/16″ increments into the clay to leave the marks impressed in the clay.
Remove the marked clay from the roller and place on your work surface.
Cut length recommended in the instructions for the roller you are working with.
This sample is pro set 2 and the pieces are 3/4 inches long.
Hand form each piece into a ball. Avoid trapping air in balls, and copress tightly. Roll to eliminate any fold lines.
Place one of the balls of clay in the center of the roller base. Put the roller top over the base. Hold the base stationery and move the top back and forth over the clay to shape the bead.

Move the bead to either end at the pin path, 1 inch from either end. The bead can be moved with the roller top to avoid fingerprints. When the bead is in the pin path, place the roller top over the base.
Line up the vertical lines on the base and top to get alingment of the roller. Enter the pin through either side. It might be best to start from the side farthest from the bead. Reinsert from other side if it doesn’t go straight through.