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How to make a Teardrop or Cone Shaped Bead

Making a Cone/ Teardrop paper bead - YouTubeMake a pair of earrings with ease!
Begin by determining the amount of clay to use for the size bead you wish to roll. I use one of our cutters in clay that has been rolled through a pasta machine, and experiment until I have a size I like. Then I can repeat the size quickly and easily.
Hand roll the measured clay into a ball. The ball shape will become cone shaped once it is rolled. If you desire more of a teardrop shape, with a more rounded end, begin with an oval shape.
Place the roller top over the clay ball. There are two posts that elevate the roller top, and those posts should be on the edge furthest from you.
Move the roller back and forth over the clay. Continue rolling until its size and shape are pleasing to you. Over-rolling will cause it to tear apart at the lower end.
When it is the size and shape you like, you can make a mark on the roller, a line that marks the base of the bead. That will allow you to duplicate that shape, using the same amount of clay. You can use a water based marker. If a permanent marker is used, it will take 91% rubbing alcohol to remove the mark.
To make the teal circles on this bead, I measured clay with a 5mm line marker included with this set and cut on the lines. I divided each square in 1/2 (cutting diagonally). Then the small amounts of measured clay were hand rolled into a ball and placed on the brown bead.

After placing the little balls on the exposed parts of the bead, place the roller top back over the bead, at the mark. Roll the dots into circles using short strokes. If you make long strokes, the dots will become streaks – which is also very fun to do and watch! Experiment, have fun!!
Formed beads can be pierced through the side, or from bottom to top. There are many ways to embellish. Try a couple vertical lines of contrasting colored clay on a solid bead, and travel the bead in one direction. The stri