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How to play Hold 'em Blackjack

Hold’em Blackjack is a player-to player game which is relatively new to online casinos. When I heard that Andy Goetsch had decided to combine the numerical simplicity of blackjack with the complexity and psychology of poker, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Could these two vastly different games be brought together without losing the charms of both?

Well Hold ’em Blackjack certainly isn’t a novelty and has gone from strength to strength and is now being played in some of the biggest online poker rooms. And they get good traffic for these games. Let’s look at how the game is played.

How to Play Hold ’em Blackjack 

The card rankings are the same as regular blackjack. i.e. Numbers have their face value, Pictures are worth 10, and Aces 1 or 11. The best hand is seven cards worth less than 21 (called ‘seven card Charlie’), then the next is 21, then 20 etc. (Hands over 21 are busted.) All 21 point hands have the same value, regardless of what combination of cards they are. The best hand wins the pot and any ties split it.

Round 1 

The betting is similar to Texas Hold ’em. Two players post the small and big blinds with the rest of the players adding the ante to the pot. Then all the players (starting to the left of the dealer) receive one card each face down and the betting action begins starting to the left of the big blind. Betting actions are the same as from Texas Hold ’em (raise, call, fold etc.). IThe first and second rounds of betting are Fixed Limit (equal to the Big Blind in the first round).

Round 2 

Each player receives one card face up, then betting continues (Fixed Limit, equal to twice the Big Blind).

Round 3 

Remaining players complete their hands, Hitting until they think they have made their best possible Blackjack hand. (Cards are dealt face down). Interestingly, players with busted hands must Stand as they are still in the game. A busted hand of 22 beats a busted hand of 23. Then betting commences once again, this time it’s Spread Limit (this means that the amount of a raise needs to be between twice and ten times the amount of the Big Blind).

The Showdown 

The players show their hands in the same order as Texas Hold ’em. The player with the best hand gets the pot, but any ties split it. Ties are a lot more common than in Texas Hold ’em, as it is only the total of the hand that counts, not which cards it is made up with.


is Hold ’em Blackjack the next Texas Hold ’em?

In conculsion, Hold ’em Blackjack is a very interesting game and a lot more interesting than I expected. Having only one card showing makes a big difference. Often, I found it preferable to have a weak card there, as it allowed me to take more cards making my hand more difficult to predict. Will it replace Texas Hold ’em? Well, maybe not, but given the upsurge in online gambling with the general public, and its uptake by the major online casinos, Hold ’em Blackjack could well become a close second.

Tom Moore: Why Maryland needs slots – Examiner.com

(Map, News)

I support slots whole-heartedly. Part of it is due to my grandfather. When I was growing up, my mother would take my brother and I to her parents’ Civil War-era farmhouse in Warrenton, Va., to see Grandad.

My Grandad loved horses and bred them for years. One of his horses won the Virginia Gold Cup in the 1950s.

He would often ask to be driven to nearby Charles Town Racetrack for the day. When Grandad was at the track, he was in his element. Even as he became old and frail, he could still pick winners. Horse-betting is, like most other things, a skill that has to be learned and then perfected. The luck involved is mostly for beginners who don’t know how to bet. Horsemen like my grandfather knew the game.

Del. Jon Cardin, D-11 argues that slots won’t really help racing in Maryland. As he correctly points out, in other jurisdictions where slots exist at the track, the handle (amount bet on horses) rarely increases, while solid gains have been shown instead in the size of the purses.

What this means in layman’s terms is that slots won’t suddenly make more people bet on horses, but they will increase the money spent at the track — and the number of people at the track.

Increases in purse size mean that more jockeys will want to race in Maryland and more marquee races will be held in the state. Or, put another way, Maryland will lose fewer marquee races, like the recently canceled DeFrancis Dash.

It will also mean that track owners will have money to spend on track improvements, making Maryland tracks more competitive with those in other states.

Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s 2004 proposal of adding 4,000 machines would have brought the state between $500 million and $1.3 billion, depending on whose estimate you believed.

No doubt track owner Magna Entertainment Corp. and the Maryland Jockey Club have been making unreasonable demands on the control of the money. Since slots have been billed as a way to save Maryland racing, the Jockey Club and Magna ought to be happy that slots are even on the table and start being part of the solution rather than the problem.

One simple solution is for the state to allow the machines only at racetracks and tax the revenue, with the caveat that at least 20 percent of all money earned must go to track improvements, and at least 10 percent to a locally-run neighborhood improvement fund to help support neighborhoods in track areas.

“The thing with slots is NIMBY — not in my back yard,” says Del. Nathaniel Oaks, D-41, who represents the area surrounding Pimlico. “You see, I have two large constituencies: African-Americans who live near the track, and Orthodox Jews who live further out, and both groups are concerned about the impact on the neighborhood,” say Oaks, “Nobody wants slots here.”

State Comptroller Peter Franchot also spoke against slots recently. “Let’s be honest,” Franchot said, “There is no such thing as limited slots. In state after state where slots have been legalized, the debate about expanding them begins before the first slot machine is turned on.”

But the state has the authority to control slots and to limit them only to racetracks. The crime argument is much debated, but few real answers exist for slots-only states without casinos.

In Bangor, Maine, where slots were introduced in 2005, police officials recently discredited an anti-casino group’s claim that slots caused a 22 percent increase in crime, according to the Bangor Daily News.

In Maryland, former Attorney General Joseph Curran said in a report that casinos bring enormous crime increases with them. He cited a 199 percent increase in Atlantic City’s violent crime and a 481 percent increase in its larceny rate in the first 15 years casinos existed.

However, slots are not the same thing as casinos. Slots are simply one form of isolated gambling, like horse racing. The bottom line is that the state needs the money, and horse racing needs saving.

With state control and a limitation only to racetracks, slots are the answer the state needs for lowering the $1.7 billion deficit and for saving a struggling industry in the process.

How To Actually Win The Lottery

I have been fascinated by how Cynthia Stafford went about winning the lottery. She says there is a definite method of how to win the lottery.

When you research this topic, especially with any sort of 'how to' methods, you realize there are very few who have accomplished this intentionally.

But then you have Cynthia, who has a very calm, almost nonchalant attitude about the whole thing, and she did indeed do it.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and pondered if it really is possible, and I have concluded that it indeed is possible, but I don't think it is a walk in the park by a long shot.

What Does Cynthia Say About Winning The Lottery?

I did a little research

I have looked around the internet, and found a few various articles, but nothing to my own personal satisfaction.

I noticed in the interview I posted on this page, there was not a whole lot of emphasis on the real mechanics of what Cynthia did.

I'm pretty sure why that is, which seems the case in any other interviews I ran across.

It is a hard concept for anyone to believe, and for them to really drill into the process of what she did, they would perhaps have to believe that it really is possible.

The funny thing is that Cynthia believes it really is possible for someone to win, but it has to do with what they believe.

I actually went through her Twitter, where I found some replies she made, and one of them was to me. I asked if there was anywhere she got into detail about it, and she sent a link of a blog post she felt was pretty accurate:


Then I went through a bunch of Tweets, and I hadn't seen this before, maybe because I wasn't logged into Twitter, but quite a few people had asked her, and she was still gracious enough to answer me.

I noticed she keeps it pretty simple, and emphasizes practicing believing, and finding time to meditate.

There were a whole bunch of specific answers Cynthia offered, but the essence seemed pretty similar to me, and essentially keep believing and don't give up!

Free Online Slots

Online slot machines are very enjoyable game for people in all ages. Online slot game is one of the most enjoyable games in online casino. It can be enjoyed by men, women, youngsters and even older individuals. This slot machine is also known as fruit machines because it uses pictures of different fruits. If it's free three reel slot games you're after, you'll find it here at World of Slots. These games are considered the classic variant of slots entertainment and are simple to play with just one pay line.

Today, it is quite possible to play spectacular slot games on the internet, and while the basic premise of the game remains the same, the diversity of this pastime is quite staggering. Remember that you do not need to throw away any single dollar in your pocket just to play and exciting game like this.

There are lots of advantages that you can get out of playing an online free slot games. World of Slots brings players a world of entertainment, right to their fingertips without the need to commit to anything or pay a single cent.

Enjoy Free Online Slots Games 

Free online slots are getting more and more popular to people who are looking for some excite and fun games in the internet. Online slot is a very enjoyable game for people in all ages. Online slot game is one of the most enjoyable games in online games.

It can be enjoyed by men, women, youngsters and even older individuals. Actually, online slot game is for people who are looking for some fun and excitement in their going day. This slot machine is also known as fruit machines because it uses pictures of different fruits.

Online slots machine are the modern type of slot machine. All you need to do is to press that click button and the game is set. Online games have helped a lot of people in diverse ways. For more people online slot machine serves as stress reliever for them. It can be a very enjoyable and relaxing game to play. If you are experiencing stress because of work or other things, you can play free online slot games and entertain yourself.

Free Online Slot Games 

Slot Games

Free online slot game is not that hard to locate. You will find lots of websites intended for free slots Some of them will ask you to sign up for their website for free. All you have to do is to be a wise online user. Remember that you do not need to throw away any single dollar in your pocket just to play and exciting game like this.

There are lots of free online slot games in the internet and you will have lots of options. If you find website that is requiring you to pay for some dollar, then you have to stay away from this website and look for another one.

Online slot games today are very easy to manipulate and understand, it is very user friendly that is why you can rest assure that you can play easily without having to read and understand complicated rules that may add up to your stress. Adults and children can easily manipulate this game even if they do not have professional knowledge on computer.

If you have basic knowledge on computer and internet, it is enough for you to find good website that offers free online lots game. There are lots of advantages that you can get out of playing an online free slot games. Here are some the advantages that you can reap out of paying this kind of online game.

    • 1.Stress reliever- juts what have said earlier, online games can really rake away all your stress within the day. After work, you are definitely tires and wastes, but by juts playing an online game like free online slots game, you will fee; revive and refresh. Remember that there is no money involve in this game, it is just pure fun and excitement for all people who are wishing to have a stress free life.
    • 2.Entertaining- older people are looking for something that can entertain them and they can devote their time. Free online slot games are for individuals are finding for perfect game that they can play. Since older people cannot do physical game, they can really on online games like this.

Free online slot games are an aid to all people who are looking for pure fun and excitement.

Dream Car Lottery

What is your dream car? I bet it is on the top of your list 'when' you win the lottery.

Have you thought about other ways of winning a car?

What's that saying? "You've got to be in it to win it!"

I'm not talking about school raffle tickets and charity tombolas, I'm talking about car raffles and car lotteries. The one's we see in airports, shopping malls other places where masses of people pass through.

Car Lottery? 

So, if we don't enter competitions, we wont win prizes and the main reason why the bulk of us don't win anything is because we don't get involved with competitions.

Saturday night TV brings a line-up of game shows and some lucky people who ring in, will win a car, holiday or other fantastic prizes. They won the car because they made the effort to enter the competition.

Some of these car competitions are in the business of sourcing cars for prizes and they want you or someone like you to win a car. Let's get real, there are goodies and baddies in every business and we're going to assume that they are all honest until we know different.

Compare a car dealer with a car lottery company. You go to a showroom and choose your new car, the style, colour, finish and interior etc. You pay your money or arrange the finance and drive your car away.

Dream Car Lottery 

Now take the 'Dream Car Lottery', It's not likely to be the car you would choose from your average high street car dealership, we're looking at maybe an Aston Martin DB9, Bentley, Ferrari, real dream cars for you to win.

The cost of the dream car lottery ticket could be less than the price of a tank of petrol and the car lottery company may restrict the number of tickets. By fixing the quantity of dream car lottery tickets, it gives you a better chance of winning the car and ensures a profit for the Dream car lottery company.

It is a fair question to ask if the dream car is purchased by the dream car competition organisers before the close of the lottery or do they sell the tickets first, collect all the money and then buy the car.

If you see the car on a dream car competition stand, ask if that is the actual car, at least you can see if it is an import. Look at whether it is left hand drive or not, talk to the dream car competition organisers like you would a car dealer, it is your hard earned money.

The dream car competitions generally close on a specified date or when the stated number of tickets sells out.

Ask how the competitions are judged. Who pulls out the winning tickets, is it a random member of the public, a local solicitor, a director of the dream car competition company, a celebrity – it is a valid and important question.

Some win a dream car competitions are not lottery systems or require just the purchase of a ticket. Others may be websites, based on 'spot the ball' for example and require your skill and judgement.

Dream Car Lottery Scams 

At this point, it is worth mentioning dream car lottery scams. If you receive a text, telephone call, email, or letter informing you that you are the winner of a luxury dream car, ask yourself, did you buy a ticket? You probably didn't and the chances are it is a scam.

Having said that, even the genuine dream car competitions may ask for your phone number or email address, and you will be very sick of you treat the winning notification as a scam. It is worth asking the dream car competition organisers about the winning notification process. It is unlikely that you will have to call a premium rate telephone number and certainly not asked for any further money or your bank details.

Let's assume that there are two typical types of 'dream car competitions'. Virtual and Physical.

Virtual is internet or mail-shot based, where you get to see a picture of the dream car that you might win.

Physical is where you might be waiting for a flight at an airport and there, in its shining glory, is a beautiful stunning dream car with equally beautiful girls ready and waiting to sell you a dram car competition ticket.

I'm pretty sure that Airport Authority, wouldn't want their passengers and visitors being ripped off or involved in a dream car competition scam and I'm equally sure that there will be some sort of safe-guard in place. When in doubt, check it out!