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Free Slots Online

This article is about to play free slots online. Here you will get information about the online slot games available to play for free as well as for real money.


Free Slots Online – Just Click The Mouse and Play Online Slots 

Free slots online are primarily targeted to increase the pleasure of slot games. One thing that is probably pretty impressive to have a chance to go to any five star hotel or an expensive cruise and play slot machines, but now with the improvement of information technology, you play slot machines while sitting in your room, office or anywhere. Online slots give you the opportunity to have the pleasure of playing your choice of slot game sitting in your room.

The free slot games are so easy to install and simply visible in your browser window, just a simple click. The entire process of free slot game is so simple and so easy that will provide you the same level of fun and excitement found in the real slot games. The programming of these free slots is so good, So it gives the users the same feeling and the joy of real slot games. All the slot games that you download would either have three or five reels, but all are animated to perfection. For the convenience of players, these reels have been made big enough. There is a bonus round, which comes with games that will help an additional joy. There are a lot of impressive sounds and graphics that are provided in the slot games that help you be a more realistic experience.

There is no fundamental difference between the online games and real games. You can also play with real money on the slot websites. However, if you take the option to play with real money, it is always advisable to check the authenticity of the site.

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Blackjack Tables

One of our Blackjack tables - Picture of Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield -  Tripadvisor

One of our Blackjack tables - Picture of Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield -  Tripadvisor

There is never a shortage of entertainment when you have an outdoor gaming accessory like a blackjack table. It’s a little bit of Las Vegas right in your own backyard–literally. Kids love to play cards for fun. Now and again, adults might want to play for higher stakes.

Blackjack Tables for the Home

Outdoor blackjack tables are durable, but don’t leave them directly in bad weather or harsh sunlight. Either cover them up or move them inside when you’re not using them. Gaming tables can last a long time when well cared for. They are also easy to clean.

Gaming Options

Because they are lightweight, they’re easy to move. Even the sturdiest kind can be moved quickly. Some are collapsible and made to be put away easily. Others have tabletops with blackjack on one side and different games on the other side.

Blackjack tables and all kinds of gaming supplies can be bought easily online. Look for games that you and your family will most enjoy. If blackjack isn’t your thing, backgammon, checkers, and just about any other game you can think of can be easily found, and in a style that perfectly matches your outdoor decor.

Roulette Bets – The Options

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games ever. The bets made on a roulette wheel are basically of two kinds. The inside bet and the outside bet. As a player you can bet as much as you want depending upon the minimum and also maximum requirements of the table layout.

The inside bets are those bets made when you place them inside the tiles of the table. These are commonly known as straight bet, corner bet, split bet and likewise street bet. Say for example, you place a straight bet on the number 28 on inside of the wheel. And if the ball stops on 28, the maximum payout will be 35 times the bet amount which was placed earlier.

The outside bets are those bets where you place the bet outside of the wheel. In this case no winners are declared for zero and double zero positions. These are commonly referred to as column bet, even bet, odd bet, high bet, low bet, red bet, as well as black bet. The advantage of this kind of bet is that you can play on low or high bets (guessing either numbers between1 to 18 or numbers between 19 to 36 will come). Say for example, if the ball stops at 15 and if your bet was a low bet you can at least get a payout of 1:1. That means no profit no loss situation.

In both ways roulette is basically a lucky game. If you are lucky enough for a good prediction, the day is all yours!

Create an Excel Lottery Number Generator

This article looks at how to create an Excel lottery number generator for your weekly lottery numbers.
The steps required to create a lottery number generator in excel are;

    • Use the RAND() function to generate random numbers
    • Produce a unique set of random numbers between 1 and 49
    • Pick 6 numbers at random from the unique set
    • Insert a button to run the lottery number generator

Contents at a Glance

  1. Set Up the Sheet
  2. Use the RAND Function
  3. Uniquely Rank each Lottery Ball
  4. Select the Ball from the List
  5. Insert a Button to Run the Formulas
  6. Useful Links


Set Up the Sheet 

The initial set up of the sheet looks as below.

Use the RAND Function 

The RAND function is used to randomly generate a number between 0 and 1. The function should be entered as =RAND() in cells A2:A50.

Uniquely Rank each Lottery Ball 

The next step is to assign a unique number to each name in the list. The formula below should be entered in cell B2 and copied down to cell B50.

This RANK function is used to rank the number in cell A2 within the range of A2:A50. The second part of the formula is used to create the unique rank number from 1 to 49 and assign it to a lottery ball.

Select the Ball from the List 

In the cells used to hold the lottery numbers, a VLOOKUP function will be used to return the ball that is assigned the numbers 1 through to 6. The VLOOKUP function will look like below.


Insert a Button to Run the Formulas 

The formulas in the spreadsheet will recalculate every time you perform an action in Excel. This is not what we want. To gain control over when formulas are performed in Excel, you need to switch the formulas from automatic to manual.

1. Click the Formulas tab on the Ribbon

2. Click the Calculation Options button in the Calculation group

3. Select Manual from the list

No formulas in the workbook will work now until we tell them to. We will create a button to run the formulas.

1. Click the Developer tab on the ribbon

2. Click the Insert button in the Controls Group

3. Select the Button (Form Control) from the list

4. Draw the button onto the worksheet

5. The Assign Macro dialogue box. Click the New button

6. The Visual Basic Editor appears and a module is inserted ready for you to enter some VBA code for your button. Enter the code below to calculate the formulas on the worksheet, replacing the worksheet name and cell references where appropriate








7. Close the Visual Basic Editor

8. Type "Lottery Number Generator" as the name for your button

The spreadsheet is completed. Click the button to generate your next 6 lottery numbers.