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How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

Lottery is a game wherein luck matters a lot. Almost majority of people believe upon this statement. But this may be false as winning largely depends upon person's thinking ability. If a person uses presence of mind and picks winning lottery numbers, it is likely that person wins the lottery game and takes away cash prizes along with him. There is time tested mantra for all the opportunity seekers who are really willing to make big wins in the lottery game and become a success story in their own respect.

These winning lottery mantras simply signify the fact that never select lottery numbers that are selected by others. If you select numbers that are different then you will get the entire share and you will not have to split it with many people. If you indulge in making mistake of selecting those numbers that are selected by lot people then you may end up losing your cash money. So follow the below given tips as per the correct situation and get your hand at winning cash prizes.

Tips for Winning the Lottery 

Make sure that you do not choose numbers that have already been bade and won prizes especially from the recent draws. Many people think that they are lucky numbers and will bring luck to them. But this is indeed not true all times as many people try to stick to them.

    1. Always be cautious not to select numbers in the sequences of even numbers and odd numbers like 1, 11, 21, and so on or 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on. You will stunned to learn that most of the people who are novice in this game try their luck on these numbers. So refrain from this habit and enhance your likeliness to grab the opportunity of winning the lottery game.
    1. Never get into the habit of selecting numbers that are recommended by the lotto tips service and make notice of the fact about number of people going for the same numbers.
    1. If you are planning to go for numbers that are birthday and anniversary dates of your loved ones and then take a back step instanteously. There is logical reasoning behind this as many people try to try numbers ranging from 1-31 which fall as dates in a month.
  1. Avoid selecting numbers that fall in either the pay slip or the pattern layout like straight lines or diagonal. This is a quite common technique and think how many people will be following this! So always refrain from joining the bandwagon and stay away from the crowds, at least in lottery games.


The fastest, convenient and easiest way of selecting the lottery number is through picking numbers randomly. This can give you an edge as you may have different number which may get your purpose served and you end up winning the lottery prize. But always note down the number you go for as you don't lose even a single moment of enjoyment and elation if you get to win the lottery slot!