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How To Actually Win The Lottery

I have been fascinated by how Cynthia Stafford went about winning the lottery. She says there is a definite method of how to win the lottery.

When you research this topic, especially with any sort of 'how to' methods, you realize there are very few who have accomplished this intentionally.

But then you have Cynthia, who has a very calm, almost nonchalant attitude about the whole thing, and she did indeed do it.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and pondered if it really is possible, and I have concluded that it indeed is possible, but I don't think it is a walk in the park by a long shot.

What Does Cynthia Say About Winning The Lottery?

I did a little research

I have looked around the internet, and found a few various articles, but nothing to my own personal satisfaction.

I noticed in the interview I posted on this page, there was not a whole lot of emphasis on the real mechanics of what Cynthia did.

I'm pretty sure why that is, which seems the case in any other interviews I ran across.

It is a hard concept for anyone to believe, and for them to really drill into the process of what she did, they would perhaps have to believe that it really is possible.

The funny thing is that Cynthia believes it really is possible for someone to win, but it has to do with what they believe.

I actually went through her Twitter, where I found some replies she made, and one of them was to me. I asked if there was anywhere she got into detail about it, and she sent a link of a blog post she felt was pretty accurate:


Then I went through a bunch of Tweets, and I hadn't seen this before, maybe because I wasn't logged into Twitter, but quite a few people had asked her, and she was still gracious enough to answer me.

I noticed she keeps it pretty simple, and emphasizes practicing believing, and finding time to meditate.

There were a whole bunch of specific answers Cynthia offered, but the essence seemed pretty similar to me, and essentially keep believing and don't give up!