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There are many roulette system writers out there that claim to work miracles with their products but no doubt you will know that most if not all exaggerate their claims; or just blatantly they lie. I have discovered that a great system is extremely rare; this is down to 2 reasons; many people believe it is impossible to create a profitable roulette system and so don't actually try finding or using one and those that do try, do so around the outside bets i.e. the evens chances (red, black, highs, lows, odds, evens or even the dozens bets). This can be foolhardy action, as most of these types of systems have you using progressive staking; when you are dealing with groups of numbers that are 12 or more the risks become very high very quickly. In fact some strategies will have you betting hundreds or thousands of units in order to make a profit of just 5 units or so. This is the wrong approach, full stop. If a progression system like these busts, you run the risk of losing thousands with virtually no chance of ever getting this money back.

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Roulette Wheels

Roulette wheels are a display piece in many homes. Many antique collectors actually like to find and restore old wheels, using them as display pieces in their homes. Most people who buy roulette wheels, however, have more on their mind than aesthetic value. They are more interested in entertaining and having a good time. I personally fall in the latter category.

The game of roulette stretches back a long time, back into the 1700s. Its popularity has swelled nearly every year since its creation. Unlike craps and poker, roulette doesn’t take a long time to learn. You can learn and effectively play the roulette wheels in a few minutes.

History of Roulette Wheels

Not surprisingly, roulette is a French word that means “small wheel.” A number of interesting stories exist about the origin of roulette, the most popular of which involves a man by the name of Blaise Pascal. This 17th century French mathematician is credited with the invention of roulette. The application of the roulette wheel was a bit of an accident as Pascal was trying to create a device capable of creating perpetual motion. Pascal’s friend believed the device could be used in gambling.

Another legend is a little far fetched, but it’s amusing to mention. If you add all the numbers on a roulette wheel together, you get the number 666, the sign of the devil. Many mystic gamblers believe the great Francois Blanc, founder of the first casinos in Monte Carlo, sold his soul to Satan. In return, Satan gave him the irresistible game of roulette. Some believe the spinning of roulette wheels signifies the downward spiral into hell. Whatever the real origin of roulette may be, it is indisputably irresistible.

How To Win at Roulette Table Every Time You Bet -The A to Z of Roulette

How To Win at Roulette Table Every Time You Bet -The A to Z of Roulette 

Gambling has been in existence from pre historic period. One is amazed with stories of lost kingdoms and also of lovely dames by unscrupulous gambling and greed. Never in the history of human civilization had gambling been recognized as a means of getting rich or becoming affluent. Still the mysterious human mind unbridled by the greed of making quick bucks try its luck in many a casino the world over.

Having accepted and recognized gambling as a necessary evil and inevitable past time one has to master the art of the sport. In the wonderland of gambling though many games are popular, Roulette is certainly the most popular, perhaps the only contender being the poker. Crowded roulette table is a common sight in any busy casino with both players and spectators holding their breath through out the session. Many a player have made thousand s of dollars playing in this spinning wheel with a ball rolling in the opposite direction, the fall of which determines the fortune and the failure of these maverick gamblers. However the fact is that many lose in this wonderful game due to lack of understanding of the game , over betting greed to earn more and more without any stipulated target or limit and perhaps by sheer ill luck.

One has to learn the basics of the game to make a beginning. A game session in a roulette start from selling the chips to the players. Each player gets different set of chips from the rest of the players of roulette in the same table. Normally chip comes in about a dollar, though it might vary from casino to casino.

The game of roulette evolves around the spinning wheel fixed on the table numbered from 1 to 36.half of the wheel is painted in red while the other half is in black. There are two green numbers marked as “0” and “00”. In the wheel each number can hold the ball that is running in opposite direction once the wheel comes to a halt as the numbers are pocketed. The payment for win is based on the number in which the ball has landed and the number of players in the round.

 The game of roulette is indeed an exciting game where if one is successful  can make a good fortune. On the other hand if reckless it can lead to penury over a period of time. It is a game of entertainment and high stakes. The house advantage in the game is high. As a novice like any other game one need to be a spectator for some time and should try to master the tricks of the game. Once confident it is better advised to bet for small stakes and slowly build up the bet amount since in case of continuous loss the urge for win may land one in hefty ;losses over many rounds. One needs to be a well strategist and need to be contended with a good beginning. Winning the game is a different experience altogether and the lady luck can smile at you any time on the table. What is that matter more is the cautious approach that is to be followed by the novice and try to know more and more about the intricacies of the game.

With the advent of the internet the game of roulette has gone online the online roulette game has all the thrill of the normal off line game except the hustle and the bustle around the table and the heated discussions in between the games. One has to be very careful on online game and one is well advised to try his luck only in reputable sites. There may be luring offers but one has to check the reviews of the site and the payment history to ensure that the site is not a scam. The added advantage of the online game is that one would be well restrained in gambling and it is always easy to quit the play on a losing spree since there may not be comparisons and ego clashes among the players. Further you are not alone in the casino table in an online game as some of your family members or friends may be beside while you try your luck in an n online roulette game. The game is quite popular as it can be played by any age group and the stakes are less for the determined.

The first point to be remembered in a game of roulette is the strategy of the player. This is all the more applicable for the novice and the newbie. As all of you know any investment is followed without a strategy it will end upon colossal loss. In a bullish market one cannot hang on scripts for long and one is well advised to book the profits at a level perceived by the investor. Similarly in a game of roulette also one cannot go on testing the rare favor of the lady luck ,as no strong player can be a winner for ever as per the theory of probability. This is all the more relevant in this game and a well thought out strategy would necessarily help the beginner to avoid losses and enjoy the game.

A well planned strategy has to keep in mind several aspects of the game. The first and the foremost among them are about setting limits. By setting limits we mean not only setting limits for loss but for gains also. Many a good players have become pauper just because they forget or refused to stop at their zenith of gain on sessions. One has to set limit for the loss and the win a day and these limits gas to be adhered to whatever may be the provocations. It may be easy to set the limited but implementing the same requires good nerves and will. Hence it is said that in the game of gambling and speculations the winner is always the one with the will and iron nerves which is seldom found.

As we have seen the game of roulette is game of luck and one cannot help reduce the house advantage or edge. The game is decided on luck and the theory of probability. However there are certain places that offer special rules. European roulette rules are better than the American roulette. In some places there is a rule called surrender that is applicable to outside bets that pay even money. Should the ball land on a “00” the player loses half the bet and instead of the whole amount. In American roulette houses the house advantage is higher. The extra green space mentioned in the beginning of the article the “00” gives the house an advantage and makes it 5.5% unlike in the European roulette where it is only 2.7%.

Another important rule that is prevalent in Europe alone is the ‘En prison’ this is applicable only for outside even money bet. In such cases should the ball lands in “0” the player does not lose the bet in case the rule is applicable and instead is carried forward for the next round and the player gets one more chance to try his luck. If he wins in the next rounds he gets his due without extra earnings. On the other hand if he losses the bet gets over. However if again the ball falls on in “0” the system is continued and the bets carries over again to the third round. In such cases the house advantage gets reduced to 1.35.

The game of roulette is known as game of sheer luck and the player has little control over the house edge. There is little room for the player to make strategy or planning. A beginner can well start playing on numerous online sites to have a feel of the game and get acquainted with the rules of the game. There are sites that allow play for entertainment and fun initially.

A few handy tips would go a long way in making a good bet. The timing and the amount that can be set apart for the bet are the 2 basic things that safeguard against the loss. One needs to set a maximum limit upto which he would play. Playing the roulette without deciding the money that can be put at risk would only lead to chaos and despair. As the results of the game are based on the theory of probability not all time one can win or lose. One need to remember that even a winning spree also should not prompt one to continue for ever. The control and the contentment is the key to success. If one decides that he would play for a 500 dollars irrespective of the lose or win one need to make a full stop to the play once that magical figure is reached either by loss or by gain. Many an untold story can be heard at casinos about reckless gambling that has made many affluent, impoverished and still loitering in the casino halls with the hope of a come back. One should bear in mind that even the greatest gambler on the universe has not won all his bets.

A good player is one who enjoys the game and not the money alone. Play a few rounds by putting a fixed amount at stake so that you could continue enjoying the game for ever.

Another point is about playing in full tables. That would give around 30 spins an hour that would help reduce the time during which your money is exposed to the house edge. One should be careful to bet on even and odd numbers as there is the theory of probability at work. The house edge vary depending upon the system for example The American Roulette gives an edge of 5.26 % with 38 numbers in the slot as a result of the additional “00” slot. The European edge on the other hand is less with 37 numbers. In a five number bet the American roulette gives a house edge of 7.29%.

Lastly a few tips on the various types of bets. Bets are of two types inside and outside bets. This pays 35 to 1. the bet that pays 17 to 1 is known as split bet that is a wager on 2 numbers.Though this is safer than the aearlier straight up bet the odds are against the player. The next is the line bet or street bet where the bet is on a whole row of numbers. Here the pay out is fixed at 11 to 1. Another bet is the corner bet in which the chip is placed in such a way it touches the 4 corners of the number being hit. The payout here is 8 to 1. The worst bet in the game of the Roulette is the Basket bet the bet being on 5 numbers i.e. 0, 00 and numbers 1,2and 3. The pay out is 6 to 1. there are 2 more bets the final inside bet which is a double street bet the wager being on six numbers with a payout of 5to 1. The last one being the outside bets viz. the dozen bet and the column bet both 12 number bets with a pay out of 2 to 1. 

Roulette is good pastime game of gambling if properly played. The strategy, the will to quit at the appropriate time, a bit of luck, all these factors makes a good bettor. One need to remember the universal theory of ethics that even in a game of gambling one should not be greedy and set his limits and give space for others.

How to turn the odds in your favor at the roulette table

Everyone wants to make some easy money, but in this day and age it is becoming increasingly hard to do. Well, using the column bets at the bottom of the table, I have created a foolproof strategy to turn the odds back in your favor at the roulette table!



Understand the rules

To use this strategy, make sure you have at least a basic understanding of the rules of Roulette. This strategy manipulates the "column" bets, or the bets at the bottom of the table. Each of these bets has a 1 to 3 chance of winning, so they all pay 2 to 1.


Place your bets, please

If you put, say, a $1 chip on column 1 and another $1 chip on column 2, you have a two thirds chance of coming back with a $3 chip, giving you a pure profit of $1. However, you also have a one third chance of losing two dollars.


Apply the strategy

This is where my strategy comes in. Say that the wheel lands on column 3 and you lose your two dollars. Then all you have to do is triple up both chips, so that you have a $3 chip on column one and a $3 chip on column two. If the wheel lands on either column one or column two, you earn a gross profit of $9. when you subtract the $3 chip you just lost, as well as the $2 you lost in the round before, you end up with a pure profit of $1.


Repeat until you cash out

Say that the wheel lands on column 3 a second time. Just triple up both chips again, so that you have $9 on column one and $9 on column two, and if you win you will always end up with a pure profit of one dollar. All that you have to do is bet on the same two columns every time and every time you lose triple up both bets. When played correctly, this is a foolproof system that puts the odds in your favor.

Roulette Bets – The Options

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games ever. The bets made on a roulette wheel are basically of two kinds. The inside bet and the outside bet. As a player you can bet as much as you want depending upon the minimum and also maximum requirements of the table layout.

The inside bets are those bets made when you place them inside the tiles of the table. These are commonly known as straight bet, corner bet, split bet and likewise street bet. Say for example, you place a straight bet on the number 28 on inside of the wheel. And if the ball stops on 28, the maximum payout will be 35 times the bet amount which was placed earlier.

The outside bets are those bets where you place the bet outside of the wheel. In this case no winners are declared for zero and double zero positions. These are commonly referred to as column bet, even bet, odd bet, high bet, low bet, red bet, as well as black bet. The advantage of this kind of bet is that you can play on low or high bets (guessing either numbers between1 to 18 or numbers between 19 to 36 will come). Say for example, if the ball stops at 15 and if your bet was a low bet you can at least get a payout of 1:1. That means no profit no loss situation.

In both ways roulette is basically a lucky game. If you are lucky enough for a good prediction, the day is all yours!