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Poly-Tools, Inc. got its start as a result of our daughter Christy’s fascination with polymer clay and requesting that we make some bead rollers for her. We have been wood workers by hobby for a number of years. She was so pleased with the bead rollers we made for her to use to roll round beads she suggested we post them for sale on an eBay auction, and hence a business was born! The popularity of that first round set has continued to grow, and is now manufactured by injection molding in polycarbonate.
Sue Lee

It has been a long time dream of mine to have a job I could do from home. Providing tools for polymer clay artists and enthusiasts is fulfilling that dream. I feel a sense of gratitude for the encouragement and support that we have received from polymer clay artists and authors, and especially to our customers who ARE the nourishment that has grown our business. I a member of the Blue Highways Polymer Clay Guild, which meets in Williamsville, IL; as well as the National Polymer Clay Guild. If you haven’t already visited our National Polymer Clay Guilds web site, I would encourage you to do so. There is a link to it on our links page.

Gale Lee

Gale is so creative in our wood working shop. He is spending less time in his profession as a pharmacist now and more time in the workshop. He designed and continues to build the Polymer Clay Super Clay Slicer for Poly-Tools and he designed the parts for the now injection molded bicone bead roller set which offers 5 sizes of bicone shaped beads in a relatively small package.